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 The aim of the project is to present Cyprus and its culture through a traditional known spirit called ouzo to other cultures such as U.K. The outcome of this project will be a design of the a new brand of Ouzo and a series of advertismens-posters of the spirit Ouzo.

Ouzo  is an anise-flavored spirit that is widely consumed in Greece.The history of ouzo is somewhat murky, but some claim it may date back in one form or another to ancient times. Its precursor is tsipouro (known by some Easterners as raki), a drink distilled throughout the  Byzantine Empire and continued throughout Ottoman Times. Traditionally, Tsipouro is said to have been the pet product of a group of 14th century monks living in a monastery on holy Mount Athos. One version of it is flavored with Anise. It is this version that eventually came to be called Ouzo.

The origin of the name “ouzo” is disputed. A popular derivation is from the Italian “uso Massalia” – for use in Marseille – stamped on selected silkworm cocoons exported from Tyrnavos in the 19th century. According to anecdote, this designation came to stand for “superior quality”, which the spirit distilled as ouzo was thought to possess


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