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1.Where have you been?  

My name is Sofronis Sofroniou and I come from Nicosia, Cyprus. Even before starting my studies, and from a very young age, I always had an interest for computers, graphics, arts and creative activities. After graduating from lyceum, I joined the army in the area of Special Forces, Military Police, for two years. Deciding to develop my creative instincts in the visual arts I entered a course in Multimedia Computing at Intercollege (University of Nicosia) in Nicosia. While studying I gained knowledge around the media such as audio, video, animation, graphics and text. Through my academic years, I worked in an advertising company called EMS which took over the promotion of London Clothing where I was assigned to create a logo representing a company. Generally I had the opportunity to produce company logos, flyers and posters of some companies in Cyprus. However, I had the chance to work in a local radio broadcasting corporation as a commentator and a DJ.


2. Where am I now?  


During my college years, I tried my best to experience the possibilities of Multimedia Computing whilst developing skills and creative thinking. Through these years, the options of creative design through the use of Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Dreamweaver, Flash, Director, 3D StudioMax, Wavelab were a momentous insight into the possibilities of my creativity marking, the bases of my knowledge. In addition to this, I have learned to work efficiently within a time restricted schedule either individually or in a team. In order improve myself in the area of design, I participated in many competitions. I gained the 4th place in a national competition for an advertising campaign of Blu Water (Photos Photiades Distributors Ltd). I also achieved 4th position in a national organization, SEK (Cyprus Workers Confederation) in creating an advertising poster for a campaign against stress. In addition I participated in a national competition for Pegeuot Automobiles for creating a design to be placed on the exterior of the car in which I was nominated. Moreover I created a design for a competition for Gloria Jeans café which would be placed on the mugs of the cafeteria. Lastly, I participate in a European competition taking place in Ithaca, Greece which was involved with the subject of dreams. On the other hand, I believe that my weaknesses are the lack of experience in a working place . I need to enhance my knowledge and get to know better the needs of a company and what makes a brand successful!


3. Where do I want to get to?


The discovery of new ideas and ways of approach increased my interest in the field of advertising more and more each day as I was improving my working techniques and managing the programs better and faster each time. My goal is to continue to improve my vision into presenting ideas for advertising on a higher academic level. I am constantly fascinated and impressed by the advertisement field as it delivers clever and straightforward ideas for promoting an industry and I have a strong determination for discovering original ideas. My motivation for doing a Master degree is to improve my knowledge, skills and my job prospects. In my point of view it will raise the level of my profile forever which is really valuable. I also believe the more extended creative workplace of the U.K. will aid me to observe with a more open vision the possibilities of advertising and multimedia design and thus push my way of thinking further more. I also intend to work in the U.K. after my studies as a further working experience in the field.


4. How am I going to get there? 


To reach my goals I believe that lectures of the MA will provide me the opportunity to extend my knowledge and understanding of branding and advertising. Moreover it will help me to develop an understanding of the critical relationship between product, environment, communication, and logo design. However to gain these skills and knowledge I need to research and understand what makes a brand successful. I have questions that I need to find answers in order to make me feel ready to work, questions like what skills do you need to design a great company logo or communicate with a corporate client? In my timetable for this year I know that I have to use effective methods for finding out more and more about the design and brands. Starting from the quickest and most effective the sources that I am going to use for this research are the internet and specific sites that have to do with branding. However helpful will be books from people who already made research, magazines, questionnaires or find societies and companies that are into branding.


5.How will I know I have arrived?


After my research in Branding & Identity design I believe that I will develop the practical knowledge required to pursue a successful advertising career in the design industries and organisations. This will enable me to challenge conventions, design methods and my audience, while developing my personal practice and ideas. Finishing my Master I want my self to feel secure in order to create and develop a company’s brand: the logo, images, slogans, ideas and other information connected to the company or product.


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